Other Web Services

We also provide other web services at Stomm not strictly based around website or eCommerce site development, these include web hosting and domain names, SEO, custom QR codes, voiceovers and more, click the title to see more information about each subject or visit the particular page to find a more detailed overview:

Our web hosting includes shared hosting for small business and hobbyist sites all the way to VPS hosted solutions for larger eCommerce sites and websites with a larger amount of traffic. Domain names and domain services are also available, including transferring domain names from other companies back into your control where possible.


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Our search engine optimisation services include website content and structure analysis, individual marketing campaigns and bespoke services including training. We can either teach you to maintain your own website optimisation or run the service partially or completely for you.


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Custom QR Codes are colourful and branded versions of regular black and white QR codes. We can provide static-link (non-changing) QR codes or design QR codes that can point to a competition page one day and a completely different page the next.


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To complete a professional feel for a company, sometimes you may be lacking when it comes to your phone system recordings or simply a voicemail message on your mobile. Let us handle that for you with your voiceover service.


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