Custom QR Codes Branding and dynamic link services

A QR code is a 2D barcode, scanned with a mobile phone that connects the physical world with the online world, directing users to a URL or web address.

When custom QR codes are used correctly they should work for your brand by converting offline marketing activity to online visitors. Most importantly consumers can trust that they are scanning your QR Code by recognising your company logo. Instead of the standard blocky and unattractive black and white design, custom QR codes help your business stand out from the competition. This service could be the creation of a single code to a whole fleet (unlimited) each with their own call to action.


The codes themselves can either be created as static links or dynamic links. Static links always point to the same location / URL and do not change. Dynamic links can be changed, so one day a link could point to a viral video, tomorrow a competition page on your website. If the codes are being used professionally, it’s advised to use dynamic links. This allows the destination URL of the code to be modified on-demand, even after the custom QR code has been printed and distributed.

When a QR code is scanned, the encoded information should automatically trigger a range of call to actions on the user’s phone or tablet, including:

  • Open a mobile landing page or link to a website (responsive website is recommended)
  • Link to rich media eg promotional or educational video
  • Link to mobile app, play store or itunes link
  • View a special offer or discount voucher
  • Google maps location
  • Link to social media check-in
  • WIFI settings for a hotel or workplace

To show you the difference between a standard QR code and a custom QR code, we have put together a few examples of QR codes created for our clients.

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