Website Development

The primary focus of Stomm is to provide custom and bespoke websites for clients. We don’t expect you to be web developers, that’s our job; to advise and help where we can. To help you choose what kind of site would be right for you, we have broken website development down into three main areas, click the title to see more information about that subject:

Each company and individual is different, so we don’t work on the basis of “you can have 3 pages for £X.”  We approach each website development on an individual basis, listen to your requirements and recommend what would be best according to your needs.


Bespoke websites can range from single pages with an introduction and a company logo, all the way to business and corporate level websites with secure passworded sections for employees.


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eCommerce websites (the official term for online shops) can be as individual as a bespoke website, but the difference is that there are products to be marketed and sold, whether physical or as a digital download.


We can help with building your business online with single product options for hobbyists / home businesses to full stock-controlled shops. These let you maintain stock levels, add vouchers, custom shipping options per region and country (and much more…)


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Mobile or responsive websites are designed to work on mobile devices such as tablets and modern smart phones (including iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows phones.) A mobile website is a website specifically designed to work on a mobile device, and as such usually sits alongside your main website. This is useful for landing pages for custom QR codes.


Responsive sites are full websites, but designed to resize depending on the device the website is viewed on.


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