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Mobile data traffic is predicted to double every year for the next four years at least! Gone are the days of text based websites and WAP connections. Users are starting to expect the same functionality as they can get from visiting a website from a computer. You need to consider who your target audience is. What devices are they likely to use when viewing your website? If your answer is a smart phone (Android, Windows or Apple) then a responsive or mobile optimised site is the solution for you.

Responsive websites resize to fit whatever device it is being visited from e.g. desktop PC or laptop, tablets or smartphones. If you are using a desktop browser now, slowly resize the browser thinner and wider. You should see the layout magically (albeit with code) adjust itself to comfortably fit the new width of the browser, even if you make the page as skinny as the resolution of a mobile phone. This is how your visitors will view your responsive website. It means that users don’t have to pinch and zoom to view your website content clearly.

Mobile optimised websites also come in a different form. Although similar to a responsive website, there are subtle differences between the two. Mobile optimised websites are a completely separate design that exist alongside your regular website, but specifically designed for mobile devices. We appreciate that your website could have taken years of development to get it to the stage it is at now. We offer our customers an optimised mobile website design to work alongside your desktop website to deliver a superior mobile browsing experience, rather than having a completely new site built from scratch. Helping you to capture an emerging market for your business without breaking the bank.

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